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Free Festival Press & Media

This is where you can view and download press and media clips for shows and performers in the Free Festival.

#BigDerryEnergy with Peter E Davidson

101 Ways to Annoy Your Parents... And Other Really Old People


33 Years Single

3rd Rock From The Pun: Darren Walsh

50% Canadian, 100% Crazy, Let's Laugh

50% Canadian, 100% Crazy, Let's Laugh Again!

Alex Owen-Hill Asks Himself 'Is It ADHD?'

Alvin Liu: First World Eyebrows (Work in Progress)


An Aussie, African and Englishman Walk Into a Bar...

Around the World in 80 Puns

As I Roved Out

Basil Bottler: Wank In Progress

Ben Hodge: It's a Boy? (WIP)

Best In Class

Bonbons - showcasing songs by female classical composers

Cabaret Voltaire Club - Disco/House/techno By Night

CeilidhKids at the Fringe

Cheekykita: An Octopus, The Universe 'n' Stuff

Child of Sunday

Chin Wang: Wang's Republic (WIP)

Comedy Striptease


Disabled Cants

Dorks 'n' Orks – Live!

Down The Hatch

Dr. Bonk's Macarbaret

Eliott Simpson: (A)sexy and I Know it

Ew Girl, You Nasty

For Your Entertainment (Charity Comedy Night)

Furiozo: Man Looking For Trouble

Gill Cordiner Pinky swears

Gremlin Head

Irish Jokers

James Allen and Annabelle Devey: At Least You Tried

Kevin Precious: The Reluctant Teacher

Kosher Russian

Lizzy Lenco: Full Frontal Lobe

Long-Distance Roommates

Millwall Jew

Not My Audience!

Off With Your Head

Our Place in the World

Queen and Sober

Ron Placone – Balding is Punk Rock

Rozarina Larsen presents: Whitefishing

Sam See: Government Approved Sex

Samantha Day: The Booby Trap

Scott McPherson: Life

Sex, Art and the Art of Survival

Shagadelic: The Origins of Slang Words for Doing It


Sketch Up!

The Anti Self-Help Show

The Asian Comedy Showcase!

The Church of Princess Cassandra

The Confessional

The Make Marriage Worx Group

The Many Colours of Comedy: A Prism Comedy Variety Show

The Northern Irish Comedy Protocol


UK Pun Off

What Would You Do If That Was You?

Wiki Knows Best – Mythical Islands