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Box Office Information

Details for Ticketing and Entry for our Free and Pay What You Can shows


Pay What You Can Ticketing

Pay What You Want ticketing means you can book a ticket in advance to ensure entry into our shows, and choose how much you wish to pay for this ticket.

You will have four choices of how much you would like to pay, and all of the proceeds from these ticket sales goes directly to the performer.

Tickets are available up to 30 minutes before a performance is due to start. All Tickets for our shows are only on sale through the Edinburgh Fringe Box Office, you can book tickets via the links on this site to edfringe.com, Fringe box office in Edinburgh or via 0131 226 0000.

The Fringe Box office stops selling tickets 30 minutes before a performance, after this you should turn up at a venue to walk in for Free - for any space remaning after ticket sales, audiences will able able to enter the show for free on a first-come, first-served basis. Tickets are not sold at the venues.

At the end of the show is the traditional 'bucket collection' for donations to the performer for those who did not donate in advance via Pay What You Can Ticketing. Please donate generously as this and the PWYC tickets are the only income these performers get to cover the high costs of performing at the Edinburgh Fringe.

All ticketholders must arrive before the scheduled start of the performance - late arrivals may not be admitted and we reserve the right to fill empty seats at the beginning of the performance if ticketholders have not arrived in time.

It is advisable to arrive early to find the performance space and queue, as some venues have multiple performance spaces - and also allow time to get drinks before the performance. All performances are one section without an interval.


Free and Unticketed Shows

For free and unticketed shows, you simply need to turn up at the venue and join the queue for the show you'd like to see.

Entry is first-come first-served so it is advaisable to arrive early to make sure you can get it.

There is the traditional 'bucket collection' for donations to the performer at the end of every show - please donate generously as this is the only income these performers get to cover the high costs of performing at the Edinburgh Fringe.


Our Venues

All of our venues follow the current covid saftey reccomendations of the Scottish Government, and these may change from time to time. It is important to remember the venues will follow the Covid saftey reccomedations at the time of the performance not at the time a ticket was sold.

If you would like any specific information on our venues, please contact them directly by the phone numbers available here. Our venue listing pages detail accessibility and other information for each venue.

Our venues are all Edinburgh based business, please support them with your custom outside of the shows as this helps us to keep costs down for performers by using these venues, and the unticketed free and pay what you can donation shows running.


Our full programme

Our full programme of show is available on this webiste and updated constantly through August - http://www.freefestival.co.uk