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Sam See: Government Approved Sex


Sam See: Government Approved Sex

The Counting House

38 West Nicolson Street
The Lounge: AUG 3-7, 9-14, 16-21, 23-27 at 19:15 (55 min) - Free & Unticketed

Sam See: Government Approved Sex

"★★★★★ dynamic and irrepressible, makes this show a joy from beginning to end" - On The Mic

"★★★★ radiates effervescent positivity, really has thought of everything"- Fest Mag

"★★★★ There’s real steel in his comedic bones"- BroadwayBaby

During the pandemic, Sam See was asked by the Singapore government to run a series of educational panels in the National Library about love and sex. Government Approved Sex returns to the Fringe, a stand-up comedy show about relationships, BDSM and scientific facts. After a critically acclaimed run last year in 2022, the show in back and UPGRADED with new visuals, jokes, merch and condoms! Get the sex education you wish you had and don't worry, it's all government approved.

This year we have two entry methods: Free & Unticketed or Pay What You Can
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Sam See: Government Approved Sex – Review

August 24, 2023    

Sam See: Government Approved Sex – Review

Sam See is not here to make lewd jokes about privates at a public Fringe event. He’s here to educate. So while sex jokes are aplenty, See knows his stuff about the complications of a basic, innately human activity. Us humans know very little about something we call the source of life and pleasure.

A self-proclaimed nerd, See plays to his strengths as a sex educator. He’s a sex nerd in other words. Accompanied by a power point presentation, See interacts with the audience in rounds of sex trivia, that doesn’t hinge on the personal. It’s about statistics, and cold hard facts we don’t normally get in sex oriented stand up. The personal aspect to the show, however, is not non-existent. We get acquainted with See’s personal sexual experience in hysterical detail, as he interlinks fact and advice with anecdote.

This show is certainly a shining example of the excellent quality of free fringe shows. See is an entirely unique character who breathes life into his act that is as hilarious as it is educational. You get the sense See has chosen to educate the masses about sex and relationships because of the genuine desire to promote the happiness and well-being of the people around him. From Singapore to Edinburgh, See has travelled far to share his talent for breaking down a subject that’s easiest to joke about, rather than get to the crux of why society misunderstands something that seems so instinctual.

Thoroughly engaging, the comedian or rather, stand up educator, also manages to maintain a safe-space. One in which we explore love languages, myths and mind-blowing statistics. Though the venue is hotter than hot, I wouldn’t be surprised if See’s warmth and care radiating off of him is the main source of heat. An unexpected gem of the fringe, See provides what we didn’t know we needed after having gone through the awkward health classes of our adolescent pasts. Click Here For Review

Sam See: Government Approved Sex

July 19, 2023    Broadway Baby

Sam See: Government Approved Sex


Relationships, and break-ups in particular, are a common focus for stand-up. The prevalence of the subject has become something of a joke in itself. Sam See’s Government Approved Sex is a new twist, interspersing personal anecdotes with teachable moments, We’re not just hearing about his experiences, but learning more about the subject matter and its applicability to our own lives.

Government Approved Sex is the perfect mix of fun and education. See takes us through a series of panels on love and relationships that he was asked to lead by the Singapore government, using the topics explored to signpost the development of his own. He does this again with the love languages, creating a structured storyline that is entertaining in its twists and turns. Although the show contains often dreaded audience participation, with the rapport that See establishes from the beginning, he puts us at complete ease. We find ourselves wanting to engage with him throughout the show.

The set is a great example of wit and wordplay. There is a gentle rhythm to See’s storytelling, carefully crafted within the hour. Tangents follow a logical path and are often used to expand on certain topics through the data shown. We are able to learn something as See provides commentary that is both insightful and highly funny.

If time passes quickly while you’re having fun, listening to Sam See’s jokes breaks all records. His easygoing, friendly persona makes his set a true escape. It’s easy to forget yourself and get lost in the comedy. He is a very inviting narrator. We see this especially in the moments where he talks about more difficult experiences, but is still able to make us laugh as the tone that he sets from the start does not leave any room for negativity.

Government Approved Sex genuinely tries to teach and inform whilst making light of a difficult topic. See’s good naturedness informs the tone of his comedy and this set is a clear example of his wit and ability to craft a narrative within a comedy show. Sam See is right in saying that Government Approved Sex will make you sore from laughter. Click Here For Review

Review: Sam See: Government Approved Sex

July 16, 2023    All That Dazzles

Review: Sam See: Government Approved Sex


Review by Harry Bower

When the Singapore government commissioned a comedian to write about sex education for television back in 2020, someone somewhere must have guessed it might end up as a stand-up show at some point. Now, Sam See brings his witty learnings and razor-sharp observations to the King’s Head Theatre as part of their Queer Futures season, programme by David Cummings.

The house opens with the performer stood in the space, welcoming people, in a somewhat awkward but gently endearing fashion. A microphone and a projector screen are all that accompany the pint of beer on the stage. By Sam’s own admission, Government Approved Sex is not a traditional stand-up show with one bloke, a microphone, and some jokes thrown in. Instead, this is more like a comedy lecture, though with none of the stuffiness or boredom you might associate with that word.

The structure of the performance is very clever. Sam talks the audience through his time creating content for the Government-commissioned work, and his research and observations about sex and love. Slides are presented revealing the five love languages, and audience members are invited to participate in a Price is Right style higher or lower guessing game about the average age of virginity lost around the world. I love it when reviewers are accidentally chosen for the interaction (I wasn’t far off with my guessing). These facts and figures are really the bedrock which underpin the comedy, and act as grounding. They’re also genuinely interesting, which adds a whole different layer to the performance. By weaving the five love languages between different stages of a story of Sam’s own experience, meeting and falling for Blonde John in Singapore, he adds the deep feeling and emotion required to elevate a comedy routine.

Great observational comedy is relatable, and with the topic of sex, See has struck gold. The hour-long routine is performed with the precision of someone who knows this material inside out, and has honed the timing perfectly. Every self-deprecating joke lands to a reception which ranges from content chuckle to unhinged belly laugh, the performer earning every decibel with his unwavering commitment to this unusual blend of confidence and vulnerability. Despite the audience and space being intimate, See connects with everyone. Queer representation in the piece is exists woven into the fabric of the routine.

This was an hour of very funny comedy with some education and creative storytelling thrown in, by a comedian I am now desperate to see again. It is wonderfully crafted, seamless in its playful blurring of lines between fact and joke. Performer and routine are one, with boundless energy perpetually driving the piece forward to its not altogether predictable ending. Government Approved Sex is back at the King’s Head on 21 July, before an Edinburgh Fringe run. When Sam See makes the move to London in 2024 I will be at the front of the queue to buy tickets for that first gig, and you should be too.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Click Here For Review

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Sam See: Government Approved Sex